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CS2D Command sv_rconusers



  • users (text): a list of U.S.G.N. IDs


High Security Relevance
This setting is important for the security of your server!
Use it carefully! Wrong settings may make your server vulnerable or limit its functionality or accessibility!

Defines which U.S.G.N. and Steam users are allowed to use RCon (remote control). All other users or players without U.S.G.N. or Steam login are not able to use RCon when this setting is used.
It also disables external RCon completely (as external users' Steam or U.S.G.N. ID can't be verified properly).

The U.S.G.N. and Steam IDs are specified as a comma-separated list. IDs can have prefixes to tell the game if it's a Steam or U.S.G.N. ID.
  • No prefix, just a number = Auto-detect based on length (lower numbers U.S.G.N., high numbers Steam)
  • u Prefix = U.S.G.N. ID
  • s Prefix = Steam ID

Steam IDs must be specified in the Steam ID 64 format, which is a long number (~17 digits).

  • sv_rconusers "" (everyone with the right password can use RCon, NOT recommended)
  • sv_rconusers "1,2,3" (only the U.S.G.N. users 1,2 and 3 can use RCon)
  • sv_rconusers "76561197960345412" (only the Steam user with ID 76561197960345412 can use Rcon)
  • sv_rconusers "u1,u2,u3" (only the U.S.G.N. users 1,2 and 3 can use RCon, same as above)
  • sv_rconusers "s4,s5" (only Steam users 4 and 5 can use Rcon)
  • sv_rconusers "u1,u2,u3,s4,s5" (U.S.G.N. users 1,2 and 3 and Steam users 4 and 5 can use Rcon)

Note: You always have to enter the RCon password to use RCon. Even if this setting is enabled.
Note: It is recommended to use this settings. This way you have a 2 stage protection. The U.S.G.N. verification and the RCon password.
Attention: This setting completely disables external RCon. You have to join the server with valid U.S.G.N. login to use RCon when you use this setting!
Attention: Steam ID check only works with CS2D version p2 and newer!

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